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Episode Reaction: To Where & Back Again – MLP Season 6 Finale


It’s been a while since I’ve done a reaction/review-ish piece for an MLP episode. While there have been episodes of MLP I’ve thought good, I never really got the same sort of spark for wanting to say something about them as I’ve done in the past.

Part of it is burnout for sure, and of course graduate school isn’t exactly known for giving you free time. But a lot of it was honestly just didn’t feel like the show or was offering much that I could work with as someone whose main interest is getting at it from a background in political science and ethics/political theory perspective. Sure, the return of the best background character ever, Trixie, in “No Second Prances”, got me excited, but didn’t exactly give me room to ramble on about introductory Marxist theory like Starlight Glimmer’s first episodes or the countless articles I’ve done on utilitarianism.


But seriously though, this episode alone would have been enough to make the season for me.

Fortunately for me then it appears the somewhat contentious season finale –at least from some initial reactions I’ve seen – finally gives me a chance to dig out the old MLP analysist in me. Because if there is anything that gets the urge to ramble on about something, it’s controversy. So let’s dig in to “To Where and Back Again”, and what the conclusion of the two-parter says about the nature of the MLP Universe.
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The Question of Free Will

I was thinking of holding off on releasing this so I could do a weekly schedule, but, well, it was a question, and it’s rude to hold off answering a question. So enjoy a bit of an early release…

Anyway, in this video I discuss my thoughts on the importance of Free Will in regards to talking about Ethics. I don’t actually talk about ponies much in this one, but good chance stuff I say in here will be brought up in possible future topics. Also, I get to talk about a utilitarian, and by now you should all now I really love talking about that XD.

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September 13, 2013 · 11:25 pm

Destiny in MLP: a Review and a Challenge

A discussion on the Free Will Problem using My Little Pony by Nightsphere theGnostic. Rather interesting, especially since I usually find myself in line somewhere along determinism or compatabilism views in terms of how I think about the question.

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June 28, 2013 · 10:33 am