Suggest a Topic

This is page is simply to centralize a location for anyone who is interested in suggesting a topic for me to discuss. While I will look at all suggestions, I will make no promises that the topic will be discussed. A few suggestions though that might improve your chances:

  1. Look at the “Topic Index” in order to make sure your suggestion is not a topic I have already covered or have already considered possibly doing. Looking there will also give you an idea of what kind of topics interest me.
  2. Add in your own analysis to the topic when you suggest it. If you just give me a question I may not be sure how to approach it and so having something to go off of might get the creative thoughts flowing.
  3. Don’t nag me about the topic. I don’t enjoy being nagged. Besides, if you’re having to resort to that there is a good chance the topic is one I’m not interested in doing anyways.

3 responses to “Suggest a Topic

  1. The Oneiromancer

    Currently the topic of determinism in MLP is up and pretty active, I was wondering what your take on the topic and subject is.

  2. 4april

    With the election in the US coming up, how about an article that explores the extent of democracy in Equestria.

    • I’ve unfortunately pretty much kind of stopped doing analysis for MLP cause haven’t felt the show’s given me a lot to work with. And since we basically never really see actual government work, not sure much to talk about democracy. I mean, we had elections for the school that one time and there’s a mayor so there’s obviously some procedural democracy at the local, but no signs of a parliament or anything at the higher levels so as far as I know it’s an absolute diarchy -shrug-.

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