These Are a Few of My Favorite MLP Things

You know, with the premiere of Season 4 coming out, I think I’m gonna do an article or video of something just a little less philosophy intense and a little more fun:

My Favorite MLP Things, where I’ll talk about a smorgasboard of my favorite things related to MLP, such as:

1) Favorite Letter to Celestia
2) Favorite Background Pony
3) Favorite Minor Antagonist
4) Favorite Major Antagonist
5) Favorite Mane 6 Member
6) Favorite Song
7) Favorite Fan Series
8) Favorite Fanfiction

If there are any other things you want to ask about in terms of “favorite MLP” things, please feel free to send something to me and I’ll see about responding to it in the article.

TLDR: Basically another attempt at Q & A, but with a focus on favorite things.

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