Q & A: Taking In Questions

So I got some time left before school starts, and while I’ll be trying to get out an article or video before then I was wanting to do something a little easier; a Q & A. So if you got any questions about myself, my thoughts on anything in the fandom, other fandoms, or just whatever, please let me know and I’ll answer them in either an article or video depending on time ^_^.


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7 responses to “Q & A: Taking In Questions

  1. Here is on for you: what do think the value (intrinsic or extrinsic) of analysis is in the context of MLP? And what kinds of analysis’s – reviews/theme based/character based/literary/philosophic etc. do you think are most valuable?

  2. Here is another then: assess the political views of the mane six.

    P.S. No marks if you call the Apple family republicans due to their accent.

    • I’ll be honest; I don’t think I could really do that. If we go with the traditional definition of politics being “Who gets what when where and how”, then I can only think of one episode that dealt with that sort of topic: “Over a Barrel”.

      But considering the resolution of that episode didn’t involve the Mane 6 at all, and more a lucky coincidence that buffalos liked apple pie, I don’t think I can extrapolate any coherent political philosophy for the Mane 6.

      I can’t think of any other episode that required a conflict in basic principles that would be the baseline for determining a political philosophy for the Mane 6.

      • Spoilsport, the way I would go about it would be by assessing how each of them words their views on the various moral dilemmas and problems they come across and extrapolate how they think from that. Neverthless, I promised you a second question so how about this:

        In your opinion, is Celestia: a Tyrant, a good monarch, something else or all three?

  3. 4april

    I’m a but late, but I have a question for you. How is it to study political science (which you state is your major). What topics do you cover and do you find it interesting?

    I’ve still got two more years till I go to university, and I am considering political science as a potential option.

    • No problem, I keep this place around in case ever need anything.

      Anyway, I’m a graduate student working on a PhD, but I did do political science in undergraduate school so I can discuss it from there. A lot of it, I think, depends on where you’re at for university and what you’re interests are. Broadly, there are a few broad ‘areas’: American politics (which every university in the US is gonna have and is probably the largest field), international relations, political theory (more philosophy oriented…probably hardest field to really get anywhere in), and comparative. Okay, comparative is kind of more of a method (compare multiple countries basically).

      Now, my expertise is in American politics and related subfields, so I’ll focus on that. The questions you can deal with are pretty broad, from institutional designs that focus on how institutional structures influence behavior to individual level focusing on individual attitudes and behaviors. Or heck, can even do the interaction of those two. I’m personally studying political psychology, which looks at individual level psychological differences and how it affects behavior, attitudes, way perceive political objects, memory and recall of information, etc.

      So if you got anything in specific about what you’re interested in doing I can offer a little more. Broad advice though; if you’re interested in going beyond a Bachelor’s degree and want to go to graduate school or PhD, I’d recommend start working on your math skills, particularly in statistics and calculus. Political science is getting a lot more quantitative and experiment oriented and those will help a lot in understanding papers and doing your own work if that’s what you choose to do.

      • 4april

        Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. It seems to be more broad than I thought.

        I was actually initially interested in economics, but my interest shifted to political science after reading Why Nations Fail. Economics seems to be too theoretical (at least at college), and I don’t want to spend days learning those supply-demand graphs.

        I don’t live in the US, but I definitely want to study there. I know enough about the political system and follow US news regularly.

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