Analyzing Is Magic: Where Are the Earth Pony OCs?!

After watching this video, I actually did go back and try and think why I chose my OC the way I did. My original design had him as a unicorn because I had associated them more with scholarly pursuits and what not. Then when I used the OC Kit thing the unicorn options weren’t great, so I went and made him a pegasus…because I thought he was too plain otherwise.

Thinking about it not, that’s pretty shallow…and in a sense kind of insulting to Earth Ponies ^_^”“. I mean, it wasn’t even that big of an aesthetic thing (I think he looks fine as an Earth Pony); I just sort of wanted to give him a little something extra just because….screw it, I was doing the “I want to be special!” thing and that doesn’t sit well with me =P.

So….I decided to right that wrong and have decided to redo him as an Earth Pony. I’ll be posting that in a moment and updating the site images to match soon afterwards

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August 12, 2013 · 7:35 pm

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